Top 10 Innovative School District Tech Directors - 2021

Today’s classroom is filled with technology, from more familiar tools like interactive whiteboards to emerging tech like augmented reality, not to mention tablets and laptops. While a quality laptop is an essential tool in any K-12 or college educators’ teaching toolkit, a great tablet can do a lot of what a laptop can do while boasting improved portability and ease of use. Rather than lugging a laptop everywhere they go, an educator can slip a tablet into their bag and remain connected when it comes to communicating with students and doing helpful research for future lessons.

Keeping in mind the enormous importance of the social component that is education, we at Education Tech Insights are proud to present our Top 10 Innovative School District Tech Directors, to shed some light on the greatest and latest in school curriculum, practise and innovation. Each of the following have been shortlisted by our panel of researchers, educators and professionals in EdTech, for their pioneering work toward the advancement of the quality and execution of the ideals of education today. Education Tech Insights believes that these are individuals, who constantly strive to push the envelope of possibilities in schools, to make for more effective teaching, and understanding, for the benefit of tomorrow’s citizen, i.e. the student. Whether it is meeting the social and emotional needs of all students, or recruiting and retaining teachers, these are all relevant challenges that our featured directors have delved into headfirst. Let us get to know them a little better:

Top 10 Innovative School District Tech Directors - 2021

Director of Technology, Westport Public Schools

Round Roch ISD

Director of Information Technology, Klein ISD

Director of Technology, Community Unit School District 308

Director, Technology Services, Cherry Creek School District

Executive Director, Instructional Technology & Support, Prince George's County Public Schools

Technology Director, Washington County School District

Director of Libraries and Instructional Technology, Chicago Public Schools

Director of Instructional Technology, Cobb County School District

Senior Director Information Technology, Los Angeles Unified School District