Blackboard: Innovative Teaching Series for Enhanced Learning

Dr. William (Bill) Ballhaus, CEO and CFO
With the ongoing digital evolution, educators are striving to harness latest technology solutions to make the learning process simple and more relevant for enhanced student experience. Founded with the goal to advance the education sector in meaningful ways with technologies and solutions, Blackboard Inc., offers innovative solution to transform the experience of millions of student and teachers every day. “To make education personal, to change the world, and to create a lasting impact is the reason why we created Blackboard K12 solution,” states Dr. William (Bill) Ballhaus, CEO and CFO, Blackboard.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Blackboard works with state and K-12 districts to expand educational opportunities, create collaborative learning communities, and increase engagement for students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Blackboard’s website, online learning, mobile, and mass communication solutions helps educators break the gap between the way students live and the way they learn through data personalization. In addition, the firm believes in providing connected learning experiences that help meet the needs of the 21st Century K-12 classrooms. “Our solution empowers students with anytime, anyplace learning through high-touch instructions, mentoring and premium curriculum that are delivered in an online classroom environment,” says Ballhaus.

Along with K12, Blackboard offers services to make teaching experience better and teaching staff to engage and communicate better with parents. The firm’s fully featured mobile application—ParentLink integrates school websites and mass notifications for streamlined mobile communication. The mobile app is also designed to personalize all the latest news, schedules, and events for parents. Additionally, by utilizing K12 software, Blackboard has also designed social media software for k12 students to manage all social media accounts.

Our solution empowers students with anytime, anyplace learning through high-touch instructions, mentoring and premium curriculum that are delivered in an online classroom environment

The social media software helps users to connect students, parents, and community members with the relevant information in one holistic platform. “Together with K12, after extensive research Blackboard has developed a holistic, online process that expands and diversifies traditional higher education developmental programs,” affirms Ballhaus.

“Blackboard works with every client that implements our remediation solution to analyze student outcomes and the financial savings it offers,” explains Ballhaus. Initiated as pilot project in 2011, Blackboard DevEd is applying the best practices utilizing K12‘s success and customizing the program to meet the unique needs of clients’ post secondary students. Further, Blackboard DevEd courses combine qualified instructors and wealth of experience of K12 with the powerful personalization and interactivity tools offered in Blackboard’s platforms. This way the solutions helps students to master concepts, enhance their study skills, and feel more engaged throughout the learning process.

To cite an example, Queensland, Australia based St. Hilda’s School’s students faced problem in learning new and innovative concepts in the way they want. While looking for a better way to improve student performance St. Hilda’s School approached Blackboard K12. “We provided them a Blackboard mobile central, mobile learn and Blackboard managed hosting applications for increasing students' performance and simultaneously to decreased their carbon footprint,” states Ballhaus. As a result, with Blackboard Managed Hosting and learning platform, St. Hilda’s students are relating better collaborating with one another and their instructors, and stay connected to their educational experience 24/7. Moving ahead, Blackboard K12 wants to inspire people to learn new things and to deliver advance tools for learning. “We will create and deliver the technology and services solutions that change the way of education is delivered and experienced,” concludes Ballhaus