Instructure [NYSE:INST]: Canvas—A Software that Makes People Smarter

Mitch Benson, Senior Vice President, Canvas Sales
The 21st century educational system has indeed recognized the importance of advanced educational technologies to enhance student learning management, automate administrative tasks, and improve professional development. With the increasing pace of technology, schools are now heavily investing in digital technologies and devices in classrooms to transform the teaching and learning experience. This is where Instructure [NYSE:INST] comes in. With a goal to create a smarter world, Instructure offers cloud-based learning management software for educational institutions, corporate firms, and other organizations.

The Salt Lake City, UT-based company is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology player that maximizes the potential of education institutions with its flagship platform, Canvas. Through Canvas, Instructure enables educational organizations to easily develop, deliver, and manage face-to-face and online learning experiences.

“Canvas, our interactive Learning Management System (LMS) software is the ‘hub’ of the next generation classroom, which brings together all the dimensions of teaching and learning of the 21st century,” says Mitch Benson, senior vice president, Canvas Sales, Instructure.

Unlike traditional LMS tools, Canvas is the easiest and most user-friendly platform that makes learning and teaching equally fun. Being cloud-based, the platform is designed for K-12 teachers and students to connect all of the resources and digital tools that teachers use in one single place. Besides being easily adaptable, it is also customizable, reliable, time-saving, mobile, and easy-to-use. The user interface and every last feature in Canvas is crafted to make teaching and learning easier and allows institutions to adopt and incorporate new technologies into their teaching almost immediately.

Additionally, Canvas Data, a Canvas hosted data solution, provides admins with optimized access to their data for reporting and queries.

Canvas, our interactive Learning Management System software, is the ‘hub’ of the next generation classroom

Customers’ Canvas data can be combined with data from other trusted institutions, as well as key systems across campus such as a student information system.

Furthermore, with traditional textbooks giving way to digital resources, today's teachers look for ways to efficiently exchange content within their social group. But without the right sharing platform, there is a great deal of time waste in retrofitting shared resources into their lesson plans and figuring out how to distribute them to their students. Canvas Commons is a learning object repository or basically a platform of Canvas that streamlines the process for teachers to discover lesson plans, quizzes, assignments and even full courses that are free and easy to incorporate into the Canvas LMS. The platform offers integration with other web services and provides simplified tools for grading and assessment to quickly measure student progress.

Among the other tools that make teaching and learning easier, Canvas’ Integrated Media Recorder allows users to record audio and video messages. “All you need is just a mobile device or computer with a microphone,” notes Benson.

Canvas has been employed as a learning management system in Bexley Schools to encourage a paperless environment in the classroom. In addition, it also provides teachers with a location to store, assess, share, and collect data, which was not possible earlier. Even students and instructors are benefited by Canvas as they are now able to collaborate and engage in learning, in an inviting and intuitive environment.

More than 1,800 school districts, colleges ranging from Ivy League institutions to community colleges, universities and corporations use Instructure technology to maximize learning and education insight. With a mission to make teaching and learning easier and more efficient, “We will continue to innovate a path that builds greater software platforms that are focused on the lifelong education of people,” Benson concludes.