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Nate Davis, CEO and Chairman , K12 Inc. [NYSE:LRN]Nate Davis, CEO and Chairman A few months ago, online education was a rising trend in the modern education system. However, little did the world know that online education would turn from teaching reform to an economic necessity for schools, colleges, and students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While countries are at different levels in their COVID-19 infection rates, worldwide, there are currently more than 1.2 billion children in various nations affected by school closures. In such a distressing situation, online education has been a boon that is ripe with opportunities for students and educational institutions. To reap its full benefits, several institutions are looking for a partner that can provide robust online learning solutions and a virtual learning environment to help students resume their studies and shape a better future. Not just educational institutions, even several families are looking into new options that don’t involve local school systems and are online.

“ Our ultimate mission is to help students reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning”

One company that is doing exceptionally well during these pressing times in empowering students with personalized online learning is K12Inc[NYSE:LRN]. Since 2000, K12 has been a headpin in K–12 online education, bringing quality online curriculum directly into the homes of the students. From student-athlete training to bullying survivors looking for a safe place to learn, to advanced learners seeking college-level study, students from every background imaginable identify K12 partner schools as their public school at home.

Matching Content to Student Interests

K12 offers flexible courses and programs to meet individual needs, whether it is building or supplementing a homeschool curriculum for K–12 schools or their students who want to catch up, get ahead, or explore in-demand careers. The K12 program is offered in two folds, tuition-free online public schools and online private schools. K12 powers several types of tuition-free online public schools, depending on the state that students reside in. The tuition-free programs can be accessed by K–12 students from their comfort zone; this not only gives them flexibility but also helps pursue their dream career. It comes with state-certified teachers, the support and structure of a school community, and a curriculum that is online and hands-on. The company’s various education offerings include 2-month courses for K–12 grades, online hands-on materials, career readiness programs, ACT-SAT test preparation programs, blended learning, dual credit courses, and many others.

K12 has more than 20 years of experience serving thousands of districts, institutional customers, and students with virtual education platforms worldwide

They are designed to help every student—regardless of geographic, socioeconomic, or academic circumstances—achieve better outcomes through a personalized approach.

The company’s tuition-free online private schools are dedicated to those children who need an alternative to traditional schools. Whether it is virtual tutoring or personalized learning or certified personal tutor, K12 has it all covered. “Our ultimate mission is to help students reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning. That means we question the one-size-fits-all approach to education. Instead, we embrace the notion that students can thrive, find their passion, and learn in an environment that encourages discovery at their own pace,” states Nate Davis, CEO and Chairman of K12.

Besides, K12 is taking a leadership role in career readiness education through K12-powered Destinations Career Academies and Programs, which combine traditional high school academics with Career Technical Education (CTE). The K12 curriculum isn’t just for full-time students. Parents and students can also purchase an independent course to supplement their child’s education or homeschool lessons. These affordable online courses are available for grades PreK–12.

Coping with COVID-19

In the face of the pandemic, K12 addresses the nationwide wave of school closures by providing free online curriculum, platforms, training, and technical assistance for students, families, and school districts. Recently, K12 assured to offer free access to its educational materials for Big Universe, a K–12 digital literacy solution provider to support students that are affected by COVID-19. It is more than a library; this digital reading platform for students in grades K–12 takes reading to new heights. Students can access more than 17,000 leveled eBooks from more than 40 publishers covering a wide variety of topics, from science and math to social studies, language arts, and more. They also offer STRIDE personalized digital game-based learning for grades Pre-K to 8, which keeps students engaged and accelerates learning in math, language arts, and science.

“K12 has more than 20 years of experience serving thousands of districts, institutional customers, and students with virtual education platforms worldwide,” says Davis. “These are challenging times, but we are uniquely ready, willing, and able to support education. And while online schools might not be for everyone, K12 is here for anyone.”

Building a Future-Ready Learning Environment

Through their online and blended learning programs and services, the company ensures its commitment toward empowering students to reach their potentialby focusing on one child at a time. The company strongly believes every student deserves an equal chance to succeed—whether they live in the heart of their city or the far corner of their state. Although shifting from a conventional classroom to virtual schooling can be challenging, K12 provides the necessary tools and support to address these challenges.

The company has recently ventured into Project Based Learning—having students work in small groups and assume different roles to complete and present a project—with a focus on preparing students for careers in a variety of areas. Implementing Project-Based Learning in a virtual environment is difficult since students and their teachers are not located in the same place and have to use virtual collaboration tools. For this purpose, K12 uses AI technology, which not only makes virtual collaboration easy but also assists teachers in monitoring and developing the skills students need to be successful in collaborative work and ultimately in their careers. “Our unique approach to learning, combined with our innovative technology, dedicated teachers and support staff, and commitment to continuous improvement provides students with a career and college education and prepares them to succeed in an economy that demands new skills,” states Davis.

For the road ahead, the company is planning to launch a new video-based virtual learning system that leverages AI capabilities to alert teachers when a student is not paying attention. They are also enhancing independent learning capability by monitoring the student’s progress through the course to detect whether the student is stuck or has lost interest. And K12’s team will also use an automated voice assistant that will inquire whether the student needs help and direct the student to appropriate content or the automated presentation of different content.

In a nutshell, K12 is helping educators and students drive success through their personalized online education system. Fanning the flame of knowledge, K12 stands tall as the true partner for educators in laying the ground for a holistic and future-ready learning environment.

- Tina Rosen
    June 29, 2020
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