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10 Hottest K12 Solution Companies - 2017

The unprecedented growth of educational technologies today is offering students, teachers, and parents with new channels for collaboration and communication, aimed at boosting the quality of education. From mobile apps to cloud computing, these technologies are ushering in a concept of connected learning, which goes beyond the four walls of the classroom.

While the new tools are creating more opportunities in terms of learning and growth for the students, it's offering an easy and cost-effective way for administrators to drive value into their institutions. From building robust infrastructures that support strong wireless networks to implementing innovative learning management systems, K12 institutions need the support of innovative technology providers, to achieve their objectives.

To say the least, 2017 promises to be an interesting year for K12 education. Thanks to entrepreneurial activity in the broader education space that boosts the opportunities to improve outcomes for the K12 system. And, there are many disruptors in education technology that are helping to redefine the way students learn, obtain skills, and get credentialed. In this edition of Education Tech Insights, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including the editorial board has chosen the “10 Hottest K12 Solution Providers - 2017.”

    Hottest K12 Solution Companies

  • ABM


    ABM overcomes funding and staffing challenges by creating efficiencies that enable customers to put students first


  • ARC is on a mission to foster greater reading skills with its continuous improvement model


  • Horizon’s technology solutions serve to automate and modernize school nutrition programs and online payments


  • Provides K12 educational technology solutions to help students, teachers and schools excel in the digital world


  • Specializes in Education Technology Strategic Planning and Implementation Project Management


  • Provides flexible and reliable SaaS-based online appointment scheduling solutions


  • Sokikom is the only U.S. Department of Education funded bilingual supplement all math program where elementary students help each other learn in a team based game


  • A platform that enables one-click shopping, managing, digitizing and sharing for back-to-school supply list


  • Developing satellite enabled K12 solutions and power efficient devices to educate developing countries


  • Blackboard


    Delivering innovative education technology and services that help schools, districts, institutions, and companies drive student success