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10 Hottest K12 Solution Companies - 2020

The rapid innovations in technology are transforming all the sectors, including the education systems. Moving on from the traditional education curriculum, schools and academic institutions are incorporating innovative techniques that have a more positive impact on the learners. One such prominent example is hybrid learning that fosters breakthrough technologies such as cloud computing, mobile learning, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), analytics learning, open content, and remote virtual laboratories to enhance the K-12 learning environment. Precisely, cloud computing-based tools, be it infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), or software-as-a-service (SaaS), give flexibility to the K12 system and help educational firms to store and handle massive volumes of data. Commonly used examples of this include Dropbox and Google Drive that is popularizing distance-learning initiatives among schools and colleges.

Furthermore, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) allows educators and students to use their mobile devices within the school or college premises. It permits them to utilize the benefits of several educational applications and content designed specifically for use within institutional boundaries. BYOD policies also eradicate the considerable constraint on budget and effectively subsides costs along with enhancing learner participation and educational possibilities.

In order to assist educational institutions in the task of finding accomplished K 12 solution providers, we have compiled this issue of Education Technology Insights. In this edition, we have listed the 10 hottest K 12 solution providers to highlight the companies that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these K 12 solution providers are set to transform the education landscape. We hope this issue of Education Technology Insights helps you build the partnership you and your organization need, to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We bring to you Education Technology Insights’ “10 Hottest K-12 Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Hottest K12 Solution Companies

  • In 2007, ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions was founded by a small group of teachers and educators that wanted to develop a simple solution to offer kids everywhere, access to great academic content, regardless of their zip code. The company simple beginning consisted of weekly meetings in a coffee shop with free WIFI and decent lattes, where the firm began to build our own online school and digital platform allowing our vision to take shape

  • Edulink offers web-based software solutions to school districts to streamline and manage their administrative workflow. Their solutions include teacher evaluation software aligned specifically with Pennsylvania's Act 82 (PA-ETEP); and compliance software (Comply) that tracks clearances, state mandates, Act 48 hours, Act 44 safety and security items, and requests for items such as field trips, reimbursements, and work orders.

  • provides K-12 solutions to help students, teachers, and schools excel in a digital world. Districts equip their students with the technology and 21st century skills needed for success on online assessments, college, and the workforce using’s digital literacy solutions.’s digital content tools help districts build and share custom digital curriculum helping them meet their instructional goals, facilitate personalized learning, and address budget challenges. Through implementation services and professional development, serves educators as they integrate technology and digital content into instruction

  • Mr. Elmer is an education software company that delivers simplifications to the new data-driven school enabling them to become equitable and safe. Mr. Elmer’s web-based progress monitoring platform, Intervention Compass is designed to accelerate learning for all students by ensuring that response to intervention works. Intervention Compass integrates with existing student information systems and behavior programs and brings together the different data points—attendance, grades, personal viewpoints from teachers and parents, behavior, and discipline—from disparate systems to present a holistic student story. In the same vein, the COVID Dashboard, the platform’s new health component, provides the latest update on every student’s health status, enabling schools to ensure students’ safety. The dashboard provides transparency to the community, teachers, and administrators about the health status of the school, and facilitates continuity across the entire school district

  • Visitor Aware is a software as a service company that currently offers visitor, volunteer, student, and emergency management through two mobile applications and an online administration dashboard that manages both of these applications. Visitor Aware is a visitor management and screening service, whereas Watchdog is a separate all-inclusive emergency management application. The company's services are designed for K-12 schools and daycares such as private schools, charter schools, and public schools, alongside other privileged access locations that need to utilize effective visitor management and monitoring procedures

  • Blackboard


    Blackboard understands that the way people learn is dynamic, and that the education landscape is continuously evolving. Our mission is to partner with the global education community to enable student and institutional success, by leveraging innovative technologies and services. With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the greatest capacity for innovation, Blackboard is education’s partner in change. We are driving the industry to new destinations

  • Diamond Assets

    Diamond Assets

    Diamond Assets is a trusted, buyback service for Apple hardware. It work in partnership with schools and school districts, helping them create long-term sustainability plans by maximizing the equity in their technology. We provide tools to help our customers analyze the best time to refresh their fleet of devices. Clarity, the refresh tool, provides quick, easy to understand information about the value of existing Apple technology. The company provide a quote reflecting the current value of the devices. With an accepted quote, we provide fast, secure pickup or mail-in services; detailed inventory and evaluation of devices; certified, secure data erasure; a thorough reconciliation review; and prompt payment

  • Eleyo


    Eleyo is a cloud-based program-management tool for childcare providers, preschools, and enrichment programs. Cloud-based program management software enabling before and after school programs to focus on students, not tuition. Eleyo brings simplicity to child care and after school programs. Our end-to-end management software is built and ready to support your community's needs. Eleyo also help child care, enrichment, and after school coordinators grow their programs with easy-to-use software

  • Leaps


    Leaps is a research-based SEL platform intended to empower educators to fully understand, appreciate, and embrace the impact of Social Emotional Learning.Leaps has been proven effective in increasing attendance, improving classroom performance (grades), and reducing negative behavioral incidents. Delivered online, Leaps utilizes a combination of powerful assessment tools, a comprehensive array of K-12 lesson plans, and powerful reporting tools, including progress monitoring to ensure success

  • offers a library of articles, videos, and walkthrough tours to help to get the most out of our software. All subscribers have access to email support prior to their event and phone support the night of their event. Premium subscribers also receive two customized training sessions for their staff and volunteers—conducted via webinar