Eleyo: Enabling before and after school programs to focus on students, not tuition

Jay Bruber, Head of Strategy, EleyoJay Bruber, Head of Strategy For decades, the lush green fields of the Fridley Community Center have been a venue well known for nurturing excellence in children through its child care program, the Tiger Club. Although they were offering high-quality care for children from infancy through grade six, the club was on the brink of closing, due to it’s inability to collect tuition payments. The program used outdated workflows, where paper registration forms and excel spreadsheets were used to track payments for each family. There was chaos at the end of each season when the staff attempted to collect the past-due fees, which lapsed with the schedule for collecting registration forms for the next season.

At the risk of multiple staff members losing their jobs and hundreds of families losing child care, Fridley’s Tiger Club had to find a better way to manage their child care program, and that’s how they found Eleyo. With Eleyo’s registration and management software, online payments could be set up at registration. Fridley also took advantage of Eleyo’s auto-pay feature to ensure that tuition was paid for every child every month. “Fridley’s Tiger Club is focusing on what really matters: the children,” says Jay Bruber, Head of Strategy at Eleyo. The efficiency of Eleyo enabled Fridley’s program to expand, and its future looks bright.

Eleyo’s mission is to deliver a single software solution that handles all administrative and reporting needs for schools, and it is at the forefront of allowing users to spend less time on administrative duties and more time inspiring the youth. “Eleyo makes life easier for school districts and families by offering innovative and user-friendly software,” adds Bruber.

Enhancing Program Management in School Districts

The Eleyo team has witnessed an increase in the challenges that plague school districts. Institutions struggle with managing administrative details of before and after school programs, child registration, billing, and reporting. What makes it even worse is the fact that standard computer programs are inefficient in providing an automated process. Entering payments into an antiquated system requires the staff to confront parents for late fees, manually enter data and cash checks. “Despite the wide adoption of the cloud in today’s digital world, some school districts still create paper trails for everything from registration to attendance to billing,” explains Steve Novotny, Head of Technology at Eleyo.

“We knew there was a better, more efficient way to do this. As a result, Eleyo was born. Now, it’s the cutting-edge software used by school districts across the country.” In fact, of the 25 largest school districts in Minnesota, 21 of them use Eleyo. Eleyo helps school districts’ child care programs stay modern by giving them cloud-based solutions to manage their entire programs. This saves time for the administrative teams and families.

21 of the 25 largest school districts in Minnesota use Eleyo. Experts think it’s the nation’s fastest-growing software for before and after school programs

Bruber states, “With Eleyo’s online registration and management software, families can register and pay for child care within three minutes by using information that’s already stored in their accounts.” Similarly, the staff can easily pull information for reporting and billing without spending additional time entering data into a separate system.

Leveraging Technology to Create Efficiencies

School districts that leverage Eleyo can enter information online and store it in the cloud. This means parents can register their children for care, request schedule changes, and pay their invoices – and they can do it all 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An iPad attendance app from Eleyo lets parents sign their children in or out seamlessly. The system records signatures digitally and timestamps them, which enables programs to bill accurately. The parent portal and attendance app sync immediately with Eleyo’s administrative software, which ensures everyone, has access to up-to-date, accurate information. The staff knows which children are scheduled for care that day, and they can add children who drop in unscheduled. Using the app, the site staff can also assign children’s locations and view children’s profiles, which include approved pick-up people, emergency contacts, and allergies. The data is easily available for the school’s staff, and any changes sync immediately from the parent portal to Eleyo’s iPad attendance app.

Administrative users can pull attendance reports or send invoices from a single portal, and they can see the peak times of check-ins and checkouts. Eleyo also allows automatic invoicing and electronic payments – two features that decrease the staff ’s time as bill collectors and increase their time improving the program and creating lasting relationships with the community.
Finally, Eleyo was built with the future in mind. The software is easy to use and practical to scale. The cloud-based, modular approach facilitates adding new features as the need arises, and the software can be customized to meet a school district’s specific requirements.

Administrative Work and Reporting Simplified for School Districts

Eleyo lives and breathes its mission to “make life easier.”To that end, the team brings this simple yet innovative idea into every aspect of the business, making it easy for customers to join its community and get the support they need to run their programs successfully.

Once a customer joins the Eleyo community, the training and implementation team takes a hands-on approach to setup Eleyo in their program. “We provided dedicated onboarding sessions, where we train our districts on how to use Eleyo and improve their current operations,” says Robin Mattaini, Director of Customer Experience. Once the software is implemented, customers receive access to a support forum, called the Learn portal, where Eleyo posts screencasts, tips and tricks, and product webinars on a regular basis. Customers can also request support directly through a single click anywhere in the software. This support request is routed directly to the support team, who has earned credibility for responding to 70 percent of incoming tickets within one hour. The response rate coupled with an awesome team helped Eleyo earn a Stevie Award for “Customer Service Team of the Year.”

"We provide dedicated onboarding sessions, where we train our districts on how to use Eleyo and improve their current operations"

Eleyo carved a unique niche in the education landscape by delivering a comprehensive, scalable registration and management software solution. Through this, Eleyo handles all administrative and reporting needs. The development roadmap for Eleyo includes several new innovative enhancements to make life easier for the families and staff that use it every day. “Student Information System (SIS) integration is an area where we see a lot of opportunities to streamline processes and make life easier for districts and parents. These integrations will help automatically keep Eleyo’s student, family, and emergency contact information up to date with changes made at the school district,” informs Bruber. As Eleyo continues to expand around the country, it also plans to invest in automated language translation for families and give high priority to child safety programs. “We will be continuing to develop and enhance our onsite tablet and mobile apps to help staff manage their sites efficiently,” mentions Novotny. Eleyo’s goal is to earn the right to be recommended, and by making life easier for school districts and parents, it’s doing just that.
- Justin Smith
    April 18, 2018