Frontline Technologies: Recruiting Software to Enhance Education and Learning

Tim Clifford, President and CEO, Frontline TechnologiesTim Clifford, President and CEO
Technological innovations such as cloud computing, mobile learning, bring‐your‐own‐device policies, learning analytics, open content, and remote or virtual laboratories are beginning to dominate the most crucial parts of the education sector—student learning, recruitment, and turnover. The strategic use of software by public schools is shifting from a “nice-to-have” to a core driver of student achievement and organizational performance. Schools are deploying software to communicate with families, recruit and onboard teachers, create digital learning environments and much more. Malvern, PA based Frontline Technologies provides cloud-based K-12 software which gives educational institutions the tools to focus on making data-driven decisions, collaboration, meaningful growth, and use of applications in classrooms. “Our software tools empower over 8,500 educational organizations and millions of educators in their journey to enhance education,” begins Tim Clifford, President and CEO, Frontline Technologies.

Frontline brings together all the enhanced employee management tools in its K-12 software solutions. The recruiting and hiring solution offered by the firm reduces the administrative burden and focuses on identifying the right talent to build better employee engagement. This solution is built using the products— AppliTrack (Recruiting, Fit, and Employee Center) and EdTrainingCenter. Frontline’s absence and attendance management solution comprises of products—Aesop and VeriTime. Aesop takes care of absence and substitute management while the VeriTime manages employee time and attendance. Together, these solutions eliminate manual data entry—absence forms and timesheets by integrating with payroll. These products improve employee accountability and also save reporting time on absence trends. Additionally, the company’s professional growth solution supports efficient student learning and manages every aspect of an employee’s professional growth. Further, this solution is powered by products— MyLearningPlan (MLP), EdTraining Center, and ETS Classroom Video Library.

AppliTrack Recruiting gives control to the administration over the entire recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding process

“AppliTrack Recruiting gives control to the administration over the entire recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding process,” says Clifford. “The product provides online tools that help education institutes attract more qualified candidates to custom automated workflows that streamline communication.” The product also automates each step of the recruiting process to widen the applicant pool, and designs customized screening questionnaires as well as integrate assessment tools like AppliTrack Fit to identify appropriate candidates. “AppliTrack enables multiple interviewers with varying levels of permission to track the hiring status of applicants across all of the concerned district’s vacancies. It also ensures easy audit trails by generating real-time reports in seconds,” affirms Clifford.

For instance, Anchorage School District (ASD) officials required an efficient solution that would help streamline their traditional pen and paper approach to recruiting and hiring employees. After researching possible technology solutions, ASD officials made the decision to dramatically improve their hiring process. By implementing AppliTrack they were able to leverage Frontline Technologies’ powerful, web-based software tools, allowing ASD HR staff members to successfully hire and manage topnotch employees, spend more time to secure quality educators, and reduce the overall amount of paperwork in a simple, affordable, automated, and paperless manner. “Thanks to AppliTrack, we’ve literally cut hundreds of hours and reduced our overall time spent on opening mail, reviewing, sorting, and physically filing applications.” says Robb Boyer, Donohue Executive Director, HR Staffing and Operations, ASD.

Frontline will continue to build their products on a foundation of best practices to help education administrations attract and retain the best staff, increase collaboration, support employee growth, and promote continual learning in the classroom. The company will actively focus on bringing together all of the best in K-12 in order to offer an integrated platform. “We will look for enhancing the connection between the tools as we build out a comprehensive platform for K-12,” concludes Clifford.

Frontline Technologies News

Mark Gruzin Joins Frontline Education as Chief Executive Officer

MALVERN, PA: Frontline Education, a leader in school administration software that enables the proactive management of human capital, business operations and special education announced that Mark Gruzin has joined the Frontline executive leadership team as Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Gruzin will be responsible for Frontline’s core strategy and vision, leading the organization in their service of the K-12 education community. Gruzin will also serve as a member of the Board of Directors for Frontline Education.

Gruzin comes to Frontline Education from Blackboard, a global educational technology company, where he served as president of global markets. Prior to his work with Blackboard, Gruzin held multiple executive roles in IBM’s software group. As an active member of the special needs community, Gruzin also served on the Board of Directors for the National Fragile X Foundation and is a Special Olympics Coach.

“This role provides the opportunity to have a lasting impact on our clients in the education community through the solutions and services we provide. I am excited to build upon the vital work that Frontline Education is doing to support and strengthen educational organizations across the country,” said Gruzin. “As a special needs advocate and parent, I feel especially aligned to the Frontline mission and have a deep first-hand appreciation for the important value that innovative technology solutions can provide to support programs and processes, to drive better outcomes for K-12 students, teachers, parents and administrators.”

Gruzin joins recent additions to Frontline’s executive leadership team including, Chief Product Officer, Kevin Haugh and Chief Client Success Officer, Garland Hall. The additional leadership roles represent Frontline’s commitment to providing effective solutions and services designed to support the strategies, programs and people within the K-12 education community.

“Frontline Education continues to build towards the future, for the thousands of K-12 education clients that it serves,” said Charles Goodman, Frontline Education’s Chairman of the Board. “Having strong and focused leadership is an integral part of the growth plan and we have enormous trust and belief in all that Mark Gruzin can accomplish on behalf of the K-12 community as the leader of this organization.”