One to One Plus: Integrating Disparate School IT Management Systems

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Burt Lancaster, Founder & CEO, One to One PlusBurt Lancaster, Founder & CEO
The world at large has radically changed with the advent of smartphones, tablets, and social media. It is, therefore, not a surprise to see K-12 institutions becoming increasingly tech-savvy and using Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, and other devices to impart education. The challenge for schools, however, lies in developing a smart way to track all their IT assets. While there are many solutions designed to meet such asset management demands, they are usually fragmented pieces of software that often leads to data silos. In an attempt to address this setback, South Carolina-based One to One Plus came forth with an integrated solution that streamlines the management of disparate K-12 school IT systems. “Our K-12 IT asset management solution is designed to bring together asset, 1:1, and work order management of a K-12 institution in a single software,” states Burt Lancaster, founder, and CEO of One to One Plus.

Today, numerous schools have started adopting a 1:1 technology initiative, wherein every student would receive a laptop or tablet from the school. As a result, the need to implement a robust IT asset management solution that can manage multiple devices from a single platform has become more pertinent than ever. “At One to One Plus, this is where our forte lies,” says Lancaster. One to One Plus’ solution speeds up the process of distributing and assigning a device to a user (student) with its integrated barcode scanning technology. The solution also enables a school to upload online forms such as acceptable usage policy and insurance acceptance details, which students can sign electronically. Many students take these devices home and only turn them in at the end of the school year. During this time, One to One Plus’ solution continuously tracks and records every device’s details including user, work order, and invoice history for record-keeping purposes.

Our K-12 IT asset management solution is designed to bring together asset, 1:1, and work order management of a K-12 institution in a single software

Apart from tracking newly-issued devices, One to One Plus’ K-12 asset management solution also has the potential to automatically transfer staff and student data from a school’s existing management systems to a centralized directory. This enables the school to seamlessly track any new students, as well as inactivated students participating in the 1:1 technology initiative. The solution also generates automated invoices for damages, optional insurance, technology fees, and other charges. “When a device is turned in for maintenance, work order requests are automatically routed to technicians based on site or according to the type of task,” adds Lancaster.

Illustrating the capabilities of One to One Plus’ all-in-one school IT asset management solution, Lancaster mentions how they helped a school in South Carolina deploy its 1:1 technology initiative. Utilizing the One to One Plus solution, the school was able to collect student and staff data in a centralized directory and also integrate their existing segmented IT management systems into a single solution. What further distinguishes One to One Plus from its peers is its ability to offer the robustness of its asset management solution through a mobile app. The application features charts providing a detailed overview of the entire operation, drill down reports of various transactions and user history, as well as the ability for technicians to complete work orders in-the-field. The company also has a support program called Extra Mile Service, aimed at providing schools with a wide range of support tools to ensure maximum benefit.

Such successful engagements with clients are helping One to One Plus grow at a rapid pace. In tune with this growth, the company also intends to add more functionality to its solution along with continued expansion throughout the U.S. By working hand-in-hand with educational institutions across the country, One to One Plus ensures that its solution continues to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of K-12 asset, 1:1, and work order management.