Tresit Group: Real-Time Security Solutions

Cole Smith, Founder, Tresit GroupCole Smith, Founder
Having worked overseas as a special agent for the U.S. Department of State, Cole Smith, the founder of Tresit Group observed that there was a significant gap in the way tactical teams responded to emergency situations, which needed to be addressed. He saw the problem was primarily in delayed communication during crises and intended to develop a tool that will be more effective for organizations, especially, educational institutes. Tresit Group developed The Disaster Incident Response and Security (DIR-S), a software application that sends instant notifications to the response teams and also helps to communicate with the people in the emergency situations. DIR-S provides accurate information and simultaneously generates alerts across multiple devices through an easy-to-use, interactive platform and allows everyone to communicate efficaciously.

With a real-time messaging tool and a color-coded map, the DIR-S platform can be used in any mode, be it for a safety drill or in active mode, disclosing the location of the end user during the emergency situation. It enables the administrator to track the activity of each user and monitor multiple sites. This not only lends a hand in getting more control over the situation but also augments the process of real-time communication and systematically resolves the issue in the disputed location with the help of active maps.

Tresit Group provides an intuitive and simple solution for both teachers and parents by making them familiar with the technology, in order to facilitate effective decision-making. “The entire process takes a few minutes of training, as the app creates a kind of muscle memory and incorporates that to the procedures they are using in the day-to-day drills,” says Smith.

The app creates a kind of muscle memory and incorporates that to the procedures they are using in the day-to-day drills

In addition to assuring instant response timing, it also bestows huge interest in having situational awareness in a very simple and cost-effective manner. Tresit Group’s prime motive for developing such robust software is that, they want consumers to use it more frequently on a daily basis, rather than use it only for worst-case scenarios. Also, all the records of usage can be maintained and stored for future reference.

The company’s cutting-edge solution on-boards law enforcement bodies and district security teams to train and monitor the schools, so as to help the school management focus more on learning and education. The software is completely customizable to match the protocols of a specific school.

One such instance where Tresit Group proved its efficacy was when they tracked down a student who seemed to be missing from the school bus. The entire tracking process was completed within five minutes, and the parents were informed about each and every step regarding the incident. The inputs were generated in a customized manner where teachers could access the information from the ‘guidance tab’ within the application. “During emergencies, we forget things; we don’t remember what to do. In such situations, we can provide inputs to them, and it is customized according to whatever emergency is going on that time,” adds Smith.

The team at Tresit Group stresses on developing a solution that is compatible with every device, being used by the person at the time of emergency. They are also making an initiative to expand their service to other industries, in the future. Additionally, the Tresit Group is looking forward to holding its grasp on international schools with an effective response solution at the time of emergency for a better and secure environment.